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Craps or otherwise “dice” – one of the favorite gambling games of mankind. In the bones played in ancient Egypt, so you can consider the game as an old, proven century and taking root in any century. The definition of “dice” is not entirely true, because many games use bones. But on the other hand, bones are the only items in the player’s hands that determine the outcome of bets. For craps use two hexagonal bones with markings from 1 to 6. The table used for craps is specially marked, has high sides to prevent the bones from flying out of it. The game is unique in that up to 20 players can participate simultaneously in craps. One of them (shooter) throws dice, and the rest put money on the outcome.

Bones are made from cellulose, periodically checked after a certain number of rounds. Eight hours of continuous play – and the bones change to new, because the edges of bones can wear off.

The purpose of Craps

The game is designed for guessing: the participants are trying to guess which sum of two bones will be obtained after the shooter shoots, and make the appropriate bet. Many players try to derive mathematically the scheme of potential gains.

Rules of the game

Cast dice follows all the specified rules of craps, otherwise the croupier can deprive you of the right to throw. The bones are thrown only with one hand. Abandoned bones must hit the opposite side of the table. When the bones are out of the table, the dealer checks the condition of the bones and decides whether to enter a new set or continue the old one. Play craps, the rules of which are simple, there can be several players, but shoot one. If the shooter loses, he (or the dealer) passes the dice to the next one to the left of the loser.

Craps for the arrow

Craps is held in two stages:

  • First Come Out Roll;
  • The second Point Roll.

The first stage consists in the first roll of bones to determine the number of points. If the sum falls from 4 to 10 points is fixed, and craps goes to the second stage. When the sums fall from 2 to 3 or 12, the croupier announces the Craps situation, which means that the shooter lost. The bones and the right to throw move on to the next one. Dropping 7 or 11 gives the Natural situation when the shooter wins and rolls the dice again.

Going to Point Roll means that the shooter rolls the dice until the number 7 or the already set Point number falls. In the first case, the shooter loses and gives way to another, and in the second case wins and then throws.


The rules of the game in craps assume a variety of rates for other players. Consider them.

Pass Line – bet the first phase of the game. At a loss of 7, 11 wins, at 2.3, 12 – loses, when determining Point continues to play.

Do not Pass Line – the opposite Pass Line and done in the first stage. Win at 2.3, loss at 7, 11, return to the player at 12, when determining Point continues to play.

Come – bet any stage, done on the next point. Falling 7, 11 – winning, falling out 2,3 12 – losing. Any other number will already Come Point, so the bet will move to the appropriate sector of the field and can win if Come Point drops out before the seven. To change, you can not remove the bet until the end of the game.

Do not Come – bet after determining Point. With 12 returns to the player, at 2.3 wins, at 7, 11 loses. Another any number creates Do not Come Point, so the bet moves to the corresponding sector of the field. Wins when falling 7 before Do not Come Point.

Pass Line Odds – an additional bet to increase the existing Pass Line after determining the Point.

Do not Pass Line Odds – an extra bet to raise the already existing Do not Pass Line when Point is defined.

Big Six – Bet on falling 6 before 7.

Any Craps (C) – bet on the loss of 2, 3, 12 in the next throw.

Craps Two – bet on falling to the next throw 2.

Big Eight – Bet on falling 8 before 7.

Craps Twelve – bet on falling out 12 in the next throw.

And this is not the entire list of rates in craps.

Features of Craps

As the most profitable, are the combined rates of Pass Line Odds with Pass Line, Come Odds with Come, Do not Pass Line Odds with Do not Pass Line.

To learn all the rules of craps is easy enough, with the help of our site you can also continue to get acquainted with the game. After all, here you can play Craps absolutely free.

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