Video poker online

Rules for playing video poker

One of the varieties of the slot machine, which is in great demand, is called video poker. The game was created based on the game of the same name, but it has many more variations. Virtually all real, virtual casinos use video poker as a means of entertainment for their visitors. The game is in demand, is passionate and has easy rules of the game. Versions of video poker online are no different from analogues from gaming halls. Therefore, we recommend to consider the basic rules of the game in video poker.

Purpose of the game

The main goal of video poker is to make and get a winning combination of cards. Since the player does not have any partners or rivals in the game, they do not have to compare their combinations. Most types of poker assume the presence of rivals, the more attractive is video poker. It is enough for you to know the paid kinds of combinations included in the table, collect one of them and get a win.

Rules for playing video poker

To competently play video poker, you need to know the combinations that are payable. There are several of them, and they correspond to the standards of the game in regular poker: full house Full House, straight Straight, straight flush Straight Flush, flash Flush, tris Three of Kind, two pairs Two Pairs, royal Flush Royal Flush, pair Pair, kare Four of Kind. Before playing, specify which of these types are paid in your casino, because some casinos do not take into account or pay for some of the combinations.

Also common is a joker, whose role is played either by a separate card, or by one of the standard ones. Remember that “clean” combinations are paid higher than those collected with the help of one (several) jokers.

Payment Tables

In each slot machine there is a payout table, with which you can specify the entire list of paid combinations in this version of online video poker. Usually in the combination table are arranged in ascending payment from the bottom up. Be sure to pay attention to the amount of payment at the rates, as the accrual on them may be disproportionate. Thus, sometimes it is more advantageous to play at maximum rates than on other types.

The course of video poker

The game starts with a bet and the Deal button is pressed. There are five cards in front of you. Having studied and evaluated the current situation, you leave the necessary, pressing the Hold button against them, and change the rest for free. After that, the combination of your cards changes, and if it is included in the payout table – your winnings are waiting for you.

Often in the versions of video poker, the visitor is invited to play a bonus game. It consists in the following: there are 4 cards closed and 1 open. Your task is to open one more. If the advantage of your chosen card is older than open, then the win is doubled. Naturally, the bet loses when the reverse option is made. If you have already entered the bonus game mode, then you will be able to exit only after selecting a card.

In some casinos you can double the bet several times, and in some you can get a bonus for a successful doubling ten times in a row.

Features of video poker

There are some varieties in which there is an Auto Hold function. Activating this mode, you force the gaming machine to decide which cards should be left from the strategy’s point of view. In any case, boring in video poker never happens. See for yourself!